Yamato encourage you to look at certain things, but they never say 'you should do this' in a forceful way. Their approach is to really get to know your business and then suggest improvements based on their knowledge and expertise.

It's not all about the money with them, it’s more about customer satisfaction. You really feel that with every interaction you have with Yamato. I've always been impressed with their focus on customer care.

They’re very quick at implementing new ideas, especially from an IT point of view. Our internal systems and processes have benefited significantly from our relationship with the team at Yamato.

Whenever I meet with someone from Yamato, I feel like I’m their only client. Their knowledge of my business is second to none, and they're always coming up with new ideas and solutions to get things running better.

Their customs handling is the epitome of how they go further for their customers. With Yamato it's always a slick, seamless service - I can't get this anywhere else in the world!

Yamato weren’t asked to, but they still tracked the temperature of our consignment at every stage of its journey, from warehouse to delivery. This really amazed me. I'm confident that my products are in the best possible hands whenever I work with Yamato.

They’re always very interested in our business and how we’re doing. You don't get that from many companies, but with Yamato you can tell their interest in genuine. Working with them has felt like a real partnership from the very beginning.

Yamato introduced a new system for picking called pick to light. This is a system they hadn’t used before, but they completely absorbed the cost of it and didn't charge us anything. It has greatly improved their performance and our own, making sure 99.9% of orders are now picked correctly.