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Grow your business in Japan and south-east Asia

Let the experts in parcel delivery and customer service help your business grow. We can ensure your deliveries reach customers across Japan and south-east Asia quickly and affordably.


Our Ta-Q-Bin services deliver new forms of convenience in Japan and south-east Asia.

This unique small delivery business represents the driving force behind the collective strengths of the Yamato Group.
With a domestic network that covers every part of Japan, we have continually worked to modify services so that they deliver even greater convenience for both the sender and recipients.
The same highly reliable Ta-Q-Bin services are provided in many parts of Asia.



The Yamato Group philosophy is the basis for our fulfilment services.
“Make the customer’s customer happy!”. Our solutions are customer-driven and underpinned by cost competitiveness. Considering the full picture (including packing, assembly, repairs, processing, return-management, IT-integration etc.), our team will create a total logistics master-plan to effectively enter the Japanese and/or south-east Asian markets through our strategically located gateway-centers in these countries.

Customs services that won't slow you down

Our staff are experts in Japanese customs regulations, so we can remove the familiar administrative headaches of entering a new market. We’ll provide a tailor-made customs handling solution to ensure your shipments reach their intended destination without delay.


Flexible IT Integration

Our approach to IT systems is based around flexibility. We know every customer has a different infrastructure in place, so we aim to offer a bespoke solution every time – using existing APIs or creating new integrations that meet your business needs.

Freight forwarding services you can trust

Our market-leading knowledge of logistics in Japan means we’re trusted by international businesses to act as freight forwarders when they import goods. We can arrange customs clearance, maintain all documentation, provide packing services and much more – whatever it takes to make sure your shipments get where they need to be.


Long-term partnerships

We collaborate to help our customers get the best out of Japan and South-east Asia. We work hard to understand your business and your challenges inside-out. We're here to make your journey as easy as possible and to help your business grow through exporting. Don't just take our word for it - find out what our customers have to say.

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