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Choosing the right temperature

Demand for chilled and frozen food delivery is growing among consumers, while medical equipment can also require careful temperature monitoring. Let us handle it for you: our temperature-controlled delivery service was created to meet this need, with chilled (0 to 10°C) requirements fully catered for.

Cool distribution in Japan & south-east Asia

In the early 1980s, Yamato Transport launched the Cool TA-Q-BIN service by adding the option to select temperature zones for TA-Q-BIN delivery. The spread of Cool TA-Q-BIN had an enormous impact, both on the food choices available for everyday consumers and on the menus of restaurants throughout Japan.

Before Cool TA-Q-BIN, fresh sashimi and other seafood tended to be found only on the menus of a small number of expensive restaurants. Since Yamato offer cool distribution at low cost to virtually any location, many more restaurants and food retailers offer their customers fresh seafood and freshly-picked vegetables.


Your business in Europe

Our aim is to facilitate medium- and small enterprises in the food- or beverage industry, in expanding their sales channels in the European Market. When your company is looking for a service provider with such personal touch, Yamato is the one! Service first, size will follow is one of our main motto’s.


Helping an Italian wine exporter grow in Asia

Private buyers in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong receive unique premium vintages from Italy and France facilitated by Yamato pick and pack and international logistics.


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