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The Yamato Way

Yamato is a supply chain partner like no other in the European logistics market. Since our early days in 1920s Japan, we've been doing things our own way - and blazing a trail for others to follow. Customer service and satisfaction has always been our number one concern.

Bringing the Yamato philosophy to Europe

For the past 25 years, we’ve been focusing on bringing the Yamato philosophy to our supply chain management network in Europe – growing with our customers and seeing our customers grow with us.

This philosophy is embodied by our symbol of a mother cat carrying her kitten. We strive to deliver the same level of care to every customer relationship – and we believe in our responsibility to contribute to our customers’ wellbeing and prosperity.

For us, the definition of growth is supporting customers by taking care of packing, shipping, customs, VAT, warehousing and distribution, while you focus on the business of sales and marketing. Our approach is never transactional or sporadic, always collaborative and long-term. When you work with us, the expertise and infrastructure of our team become yours.

We understand the constant challenges of exporting and importing goods of all shapes and sizes, across borders to Japan and into Europe from around the world. We’re happy to work alongside you to identify custom processes and technology solutions that enhance business efficiency and profitability.

Our mission

Our mission at Yamato Europe is to create the model for supply chain management in Europe, moving it from transactional to collaborative, making all our SME customers our partners.

Our history

Yamato was founded in 1919 with four vehicles and 17 employees. We started to distribute goods for Japan’s largest department store chain and swiftly established a national transport network, before developing our famous Ta-Q-Bin service for door-to-door deliveries.

Our black cat logo is now recognised everywhere as a symbol of outstanding service. 

Since the 1980s, Yamato has been operational in Europe as well. Today, we have branches all over the continent and continue to expand as more businesses take advantage of our services in the European market.

Our values

Every member of the Yamato Europe team is committed to upholding our values: 

  • FLEXIBLE – Our team and services fit around your business and evolve with your growing needs.
  • TRUSTED – We deliver what we promise. A trusted partner to enable you to grow your business in Europe and Japan with little investment.
  • LOCAL – Your European operations localised. Your Japanese deliveries exactly as your Japanese customers would want them.
  • EFFICIENT – No-one works harder to ensure a smooth, seamless and timely supply chain service. Unbeatable integrated services in Europe and Japan.
  • PERSONAL – Every interaction with you and your customers matters to us. We endeavour to build long-term partnerships for growth.


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