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Sending parcels to Europe

If making inroads in Europe is your next business objective, Yamato can help you get there. All our services for sending to Europe are designed to help you grow with us.

The last mile covered

We offer comprehensive delivery coverage across Europe with the help of our partners – a network of carefully selected logistics specialists we appoint to handle the final leg of delivery. We only choose partners when we know they won’t let our customers down.


Understanding the European market

There is a lot to think about when setting up an operation or company in Europe and we’re highly experienced in doing this on our customers’ behalf. Dealing with issues like tax can be daunting for newcomers to Europe, especially when it comes to complex areas such as VAT. Using a tax specialist or accountant is one solution, but it usually brings a hefty price tag. Let us take care of your tax issues (for up to 30% cheaper) and organize your deliveries at the same time.