JET Programme 2015

Thank you for choosing our service. Please follow the instruction below.

Arrangement for Collection (click and jump to the online JET Application form)

At least 2 days prior to collection (Mon-Fri). For customers with no PC access, please call 0208-427-3538 to arrange collection

Required Documents (click and download the JET Application)

For all documents and you will find the following the 3pages(Page2-4). Please submit the invoice 1 working day before your collection day by an email:

  • Page 1. Index
  • Page 2. Invoice : 1 invoice per parcel.
  • Page 3. Shipping Instruction : Please fill in the mandatory fields
  • Page 4. DVD Title List : Please write down the all title of DVDs, if you send DVDs. (Unnecessary for music)
Reference for packing

How to complete Customs Declaration (at Hanedaor Narita Airport)

Declaration of Unaccompanied Luggage
You must declare your unaccompanied luggage for parcels at Customs. Failure means that your parcels will be on hold at Narita airport and this may cause delay of delivery and possibly incur a storage fee. Please make sure to read the instructions 4 steps.
Open : Mon-Fri (8:30 am – 5:30 pm)
E-mail :
TEL : 0208-427 3538 , FAX : 0208-427-3557