Dear valued customers,

Regarding the impact of the Coronavirus

Thank you very much for using our International courier service (Taqbin).

We would like to address the situation on the recent Coronavirus outbreak, and how it will affect our service, as it is currently a highly unpredictable situation with the number of infected individuals in Japan steadily increasing.

The following is information regarding the current situation of the International courier service (Taqbin) amidst the outbreak.

  1. International courier service (Taqbin) domestic locations

Both Haneda and Kansai are operating normally and there are no backlogs or delays.

In addition, there is no information that both Yamato Transport Haneda Chronogate Base and Osaka Base, which are International courier service (Taqbin) delivery bases, are experiencing any delays in operations.

  1. International courier service (Taqbin) delivery status

If the customer would prefer to avoid face-to-face delivery, we will temporarily allow use of the intercom to leave the parcel in a place designated by the customer, such as in front of the entrance. However, other than this exception, the usual operation will continue.

In the future, it is possible that flights may be delayed or cancelled, which may cause delays in the delivery of your parcels.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that we my cause due to this.


Dear Valued Customer,

In response to ongoing outbreak of novel Coronavirus in Wuhan, China from December 2019, please allow us
to take measures as follows.

1. Yamato Group Subsidiary Operations in China
Yamato Group’s subsidiary (Yamato International Logistics) will follow the instruction of the provincial
and municipal governments. (Please note that the business operation start time may change without
immediate notice.)

(1) Wuhan
Schedule to resume business from February 14.
(2) Other areas
Schedule to resume business from February 10.

2. China Inbound Shipments
Due to the effects of the novel coronavirus on flight schedules, capacities and handling operation, and
suspended operation in multiple provinces by China government, we kindly ask you to follow below
procedure for any China Inbound shipments:

(1) Please do not forward any shipment unless the shipper confirms that the consignee is able to accept
cargo and arrange custom clearance.
(2) In case confirmation is not received from the shipper, it is mandatory to check with the receiving
office in China and ask for approval/authorization to ship cargo.
(3) Please note that Hong Kong and Taiwan are excluded from above measures.

3. Other Shipment
Due to the rapidly changing situation, please anticipate unforeseen delays/charges despite the checks we
have in place for China inbound/outbound shipment as well as any other shipment to neighboring areas
that may affected.

We appreciate your appreciate and support for the current situation. For any inquiries please do not hesitate to
reach out to your sales representative.

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