Stock acquisition of TIDIKI EXPRESS

Stock acquisition of TIDIKI EXPRESS in Singapore by Yamato Asia
Subsidiary acquisition of TIDIKI EXPRESS to fortify the business foundation in South-east Asia

We would like to notify that YAMATO ASIA PTE. LTD (Located in Singapore, President Richard Chua Khing Seng, for the rest referred as YAMATO ASIA) as the regional head quarter in South-east Asia affiliated subsidiary under Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. (Located at Chuo-ku Tokyo, President: Makoto Kigawa, for the rest referred as Yamato Holdings) concluded transferring 85% of the issued stocks with TIDIKI EXPRESS (PTE.) LTD. (Located in Singapore, for the rest referred as TIDIKI) today and subsidized them to fortify the business foundation in South-east Asia and improve the service for the corporate customers.

    1. Background
    Yamato group started the medium-term management plan ‘DAN-TOTSU 3 year plan STEP’ since April this year, looking ahead of the RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) for ten countries of ASEAN and six partner countries including Japan FTA (Free Trade Agreement) to fortify the business foundation in Asia. Ta-Q-Bin in Singapore have gained its popularity as a delivery service mainly for the BtoC usage such as E-commerce or grocery since its launch in 2010. Also as for BtoB such as delivery logistics, there were various needs from the clients such as emergency delivery within a few hours, delivery of oversized goods, and added value business at the time of delivery and so on. By subsidizing TIDIKI, we would be able to utilize the networks, Yamato Group’s Ta-Q-Bin and customized emergency delivery of TIDIKI, and it would enable us to provide better service in the BtoB field.

    2. Summary of TIDIKI EXPRESS (PTE.) LTD.
      1) Name: TIDIKI EXPRESS (PTE.) LTD. (It will be changed to ‘YAMATO TIDIKI EXPRESS PTE.LTD.’
      2) Location: 48 TOH GUAN ROAD EAST #06-98 ENTERPRISE HUB SINGAPORE 608586
      3) Executives: Liau Joseph (financial executive)
      Soh Toy Wah (Operational executive)
      4) Description of business: Domestics Delivery, Dock Warehousing, Consigned Freight Forwarding Business
      5) Capital: 210,000 SGD
      6) Date of the Establishment: January 18th, 2007

    3. Perspectives
    TIDIKI have had a number of businesses with prestigious global clients in the field of eye care, daily necessities, and electronic devices and so on so that we can provide better service by adding Yamato Group’s advantages.
      1) Provide better service by sharing cargo tracking system of ours without a large investment.
      2) Contribute to the clients benefit utilizing the Ta-Q-Bin network when possible and optimize the delivery fee by optimizing the delivery fee.
      3) Provide the total solution of oversea delivery, regional delivery and payment by integrating logistics system, forwarding system and payment system of Yamato Group.
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